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Date of interest for Tour Flight

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Mark Beaty


Mark Beaty

Scenic Tour Pilot / Instructor

In addition to flying Scenic Air Tours at Bluebird Aviation Mark also flies Corporate Jets for a local jet charter company.

Mark became a licensed glider pilot at the age of 14, and has been immersed in aviation ever since. After Instructing students in Boulder and here in Broomfield, Mark left to fly Scenic Air Tours in Saipan. Returning from the Pacific, Mark took a job with a regional airline where he quickly upgraded to Captain. After logging thousands of hours flying passenger flights, Mark has now settled into his role as a Corporate Jet Captain based here in Broomfield.

As a native of Boulder Colorado, Mark has completed much of this flight training here on the Front Range including; Instrument, Glider, Commercial, Multi-Engine, Air Transport Pilot, Seaplane, and Flight Instructor ratings.