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Date of interest for Tour Flight
Date of interest for Tour Flight

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Below is a list of common questions about Bluebird Tours and flying

Q: Can I take pictures and video on the tour? 

A: Yes, unlike other tours and skydiving, Bluebird does allow you to take personal pictures and video!  We also offer edited video compilations of your flight from our HD cameras mounted inside and outside the aircraft included complimentary with the "Date Night Tour". 


Q: Why are tours the same price for 1 person as for 3 people?

A: At Bluebird we believe in straight forward pricing. The aircraft cost essentially the same to operate for an hour regardless of the number of passengers, so we won't charge you more for bringing more people.


Q: When and how do I pay for the Tour?

A: To book a reservation we will take a credit card number when you book online, or call to book. After the tour you may use that credit card to charge the tour or pay cash, check, or another card.  $10 DISCOUNT for paying cash!


Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: There are no charges for cancellations up until 6 hrs before the tour.  Short notice cancellations and "no-shows" are charged a $50 cancellation fee to the card on file.  There is no cancellation fee for bad weather!


Q: I've never been in a "small" airplane. How bumpy is it?

A: Early mornings and late evenings are usually very smooth. If scheduling mid-day, expect a few bumps in the mountains. For passenger comfort and safety we will cancel tours at any report of moderate or greater turbulence.

Discuss the possibility of turbulence and your personal tendency toward motion sickness with your pilot on the day of the tour. Also if you have a tendency toward motion sickness we suggest not eating immediately before the tour for your own comfort. 


Q: Can my child sit on my lap or do they require their own seat? 

A: Per FAA regulations: Children under the age of 2 years may sit on your lap, or next to you on the seat. Children 2 years and older are required to be in a seat with their own seat belt. We also offer booster seats to help them see outside more easily. 


Q: May I bring personal beer/liquor on the aircraft?

A: FAA regulations do not allow passengers to be visibly intoxicated before boarding the aircraft, or consume your own liquor on the aircraft. We do offer in-flight champagne included complimentary with our "Date Night Tour" 


Q: May I bring my dog on the Flight?

A: Yes, we even offer dog ear-muffs to make it easier on their ears. There is a $20 cleaning fee to bring your dog.