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Below is a list of common questions about Bluebird Tours and flying



Q: Can I take pictures and video on the tour? Can I mount a go-pro on the plane?

A: Yes, unlike other tours and skydiving, Bluebird does allow you to take pictures and video!  We also have 2 HD cameras already mounted on the plane as well as cockpit recording. That footage is available FREE with a standard full-price tour upon request. We do not allow personal cameras to be mounted/taped inside or outside the aircraft. 

Q: Can I do any flying from the left seat and log the hours?

A: Yes, our pilots have hundreds of hours sitting in the right seat giving flight instruction, and anyone who would like to do some flying and log the time while they are at the controls is welcome to do so. 


Q: When and how do I pay for the Tour?

A: To book a reservation we will take a credit card number when you call to book. After the tour you may use that credit card to charge the tour or pay cash, check, or another card.  


Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: There are no charges for cancellations up until 12 hrs before the tour. Cancellations and "no-shows" are charged a $50 cancellation fee to the card on file.   


Q: I've never been in a "small" plane. How bumpy is it?

A: Early mornings and late evenings are usually very smooth. If scheduling mid-day in the summer, expect a few bumps in the mountains! For passenger comfort and safety we will cancel tours at any report of moderate or greater turbulence.